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Research on impact COVID-19 on Corporate Venturing

Previous research has frequently shown that corporate venturing plays an important role in the long-term survival of organisations. But, precisely these activities are the most vulnerable in times of crisis, because decision-makers do not always properly assess the value of these activities.

On the other hand, previous research has also shown the value of anti-cyclical investing: companies that invest in exploratory activities during economically difficult times often emerge better from the crisis.

Therefore, RSM/Erasmus University and CVN decided to conduct research on this topic. The research question is: “How does the COVID-19 pandemic affect decisions surrounding internal and external corporate venturing?” The intended results of this research will give companies guidelines for innovation management in times of crisis, helping them to better protect their innovation activities in the future, i.e. increase their innovation resilience

Almost 40 companies are currently participating in this research. Based on the first two interview rounds we have developed a “Pandemic Resilience Scan” and crafted a resilience guidebook. The third interview round is planned for Q3 2021.

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